Website Development is important for your business because it allows people to research about your brand and what it has to offer. If you have a user friendly website with high detail about the services or products you have to offer, then it gives the consumer information they seek about your product or service offerings. A business with a website that is updated regularly that includes all the product or service offerings of the brand will generate more traffic to the website and attract more customers which leads to more sales.

Website development includes web design, web content development, scripting, and network security configuration with the inclusion of other smaller tasks. We set up your web host depending on your package, and create your website depending on which package you have selected or your specified budget. We ensure that our websites are mobile friendly and that it fits well on all screen sizes.

Website maintenance includes the updating and regular upkeep of your website. We include the website-hosting costs in our packages. We will add and remove products as requested, ensure stock control, consistently improve the user experience and modify where necessary. We do everything on your behalf and consistently communicate with you to ensure correctness.

Here at eCrow Media we offer website creation for upcoming businesses and website development for existing businesses. A business with a regulary updated website that includes all the information about the brand and what it has to offer is important for online growth and increased sales. We will create a fresh website or update your existing website so that it caters to your customer needs and is updated frequently, while being user friendly and safe.