What we do:

Influencer marketing allows for specific target marketing. Consumers are more likely to trust recommendations by an influencer because they are well known and looked up to in their industry.
Social media management gives customers the opportunity to follow, connect and receive direct support from the business in a matter of seconds. Social media management increases and promotes sales.
E-Mail marketing is important because it allows your business to build and maintain good relationships with customers, keep customers updated on your business endeavours, and attract new customers.
Here at eCrow we specialise in target market research and know exactly which keywords and phrases to use that will rank you better than your competition and display your ads to the correct target market.
Website Development is important for your business because it allows people to research about your brand and what it has to offer. By having a user friendly website with high detail about the services or products you have to offer, customer interest increases.
SEO is important because when people use search engines to research about a product or service in your specific market, you want your website to be ranked higher than your competition and more likely to be clicked on for increased website traffic.
Logo and graphic design gives consumers a general impression about your business or brand and acts as a visual communication between the brand and the customer. A company with a good visual representation is more likely to be trusted.
Content creation is crucial in the development and portrayal of a business. Businesses that fail to produce quality and/or regular content are often viewed as unprofessional and inconsistent. A business is judged by the content that they put out.
Why us
Think. Do. Deliver.

We strive to ensure that every client has a successful and pleasant experience with us. We limit the number of clients we take on at a time in order to ensure the best results are achieved and clients are completely happy with our services.

Whether you need a package to build your business from scratch, or a team of experienced individuals to grow and maintain your current social media platforms, we are here to help!

We offer affordable pricing, quality service and excellent results. We will ensure that we do our utmost to grow your business and unleash it’s full potential!

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We sparkĀ growth
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We know a secret
Grow your brand awareness & increase traffic!
  • Improve your online-presence and get the exposure that you deserve. Ultimately drive increased traffic to your business’s platforms.
Promote your products & services!
  • Reach out to a larger targeted-audience to display all that you’ve got to offer and influence more traction!
Build a relationship with your customers!
  • Portray a strong media image for your customers and consistently connect with them to build customer loyalty!